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Latest Security updates
Recent known viruses and other scams

Chinese Ransomlock Malware Changes Windows Login Credentials...
Ransomlock malware forces users into paying to have their computers unlocked.
13-08-23  - Read More (will display a PDF document )

Vulnerabilities - How They Attack...
Vulnerabilities are flaws in computer software that create weaknesses in the overall security.  Vulnerabilities can also be created by improper security configurations on your computer or router.
13-08-23  - Read More (will display a PDF document)


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To provide Top Quality Web Development, Training Services, Consultation, Technical Support and other Computer Services while offering Honesty, Integrity, Value and Honoring Jesus Christ in all our business endeavors.


A computer that is slow or erratic in behavior can be very frustrating - and dangerous. 

Our trusted and competent technician can properly diagnose the problem and have you back up to speed in short order.  And WE COME TO YOU!  You don't have to pack up your system and bring it to the shop.


We're here when you need us. 


PC/Laptop Check-up
Our Clean-up / Tune-up Service will keep you running in top shape.

Not only do dust and grime slow you down, but unused and invalid software and file clutter rob your system of resources needed for speedy performance. Read More »


Hardware Upgrades
Memory, Hard Drives, Video Cards, Network Controllers and more.

Many systems come with minimal memory (RAM) and Hard Drives pre-installed.  Upgrading these components can vastly improve performance and capacity. Read More »


Virus and Malware
Virus, Malware, Phishing, Vishing, and SMShing - Dangerous and Preventable.

The bad guys are out there and the threat is worse now than ever.  Sometimes an antivirus program alone is no longer enough protection. Read More »